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Global Innovation Property Center wants India to move up IP Protection

  The United States chamber of commerce GIPC mentioned that there is a slow growth of India’s protection and Intellectual Property from the time of the pandemic. The senior Vice President of GIPC told that the government should never surrender the principle of protection and implementation of IP and also mentioned that it is okay to do that from a business perspective and this should not affect Intellectual Property Rights . He also wants India to give attention to the National IPR Policy In which India has promised to make the procedures of IP simple. He also stated that the growth of the Indian Economy is optimistic and this will improve Intellectual Property Rights and also Indian Entrepreneurs are also interested in Improvising the IPR. GIPC says that it’s very surprising to see that India is not having a proper Law for the protection of trade secrets. On behalf of this, there is a high chance of growth for IP- intensive companies while doing business.

Patent theft is allowed in Russia

Russia is increasing the laws to affect their unfriendly countries. Due to war which has occurred  between Ukraine and Russia, so many civilians from Ukraine were killed by the Russian Armies. This has put the Russia Economy down and several countries from NATO has also raised and ready to move away their trades and business from Russia. This has made Russia to go down in Economy. So Russia has planned to  put new rules and Laws that could affect their unfriendly countries. Unfriendly countries in the sense Countries which are in NATO. Patent theft is the new rule which has been brought by the Russian Government. Now the  Russian government has allowed Patent from the Countries  which are not supporting the War and also putting their economy down. Due to this new rule the new invention which has made by the inventor or any idea which is already Patented can be took by the Russian Government . Patent Research and Analytics have enriched the developers idea for new invention. This kind