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6 Easy steps to file a patent:

  6 Easy steps to file a patent: If you are an inventor having a new product or invention then filing a patent is necessary, it is a lengthy process and for the people who are claiming it for the first time, it looks complicated and confusing. There are 5 easy steps that could take you to the entire patent process. Complete your invention: Any invention can be protected if the purpose of the invention is clearly understood, what and how it is helpful for the people. If the invention is still an idea, we must know that it cannot be protected. The Invention strength plays a major role in filing a patent and this will make you complete the invention. Decide whether the invention is patentable: The two main things you must know are the invention must be novel and non-obvious to obtain a patent. Any abstract ideas, natural phenomena, and natural laws cannot be patented. Novelty Search helps you understand is there any invention exists similar to our opinion or invention. There are

How do patents help innovation?

 A patent is one of the most significant business tools which allow the inventors to gather individuality over the newly invented product or process, build a top position in the market, and get further income through the patent license. Any invention which was invented to find a solution and to help mankind must be recognized and rewarded. Patent acknowledges and honors the inventor's for their successful inventions. Patent promotes your invention and economic growth as well as the most powerful tool designed for dissemination and technology transfer. The invention is important for the development and deployment of technologies. The most commonly used prototype recognizes the technology is created from the life cycle of the technology. The lifecycle of technology has been classified into 5 stages  • Invention • Research • Research and Development  • Market Development  • Commercial distribution Why should you protect your invention? The successful inventions from the past

The strategy behind the use of Patent Applications:

 A patent strategy is a continuous step taken by the company or the institution to protect its invention and its position from their competitor. A patent strategy is similar to a Business strategy, it repeatedly needs obstructive analysis to recognize the threat and opportunities. Why Patent strategy is important? Strategies mutate according to the industry, size, and stage of the business. Patents play an important role in building and hardening a ruthless market position for several businesses. Patents act as a shield for new inventions, confirm individuality in the market, and support companies in market shares. Patents also protect market competitiveness against competitors and infringers. If the competitor duplicates your patented innovation, strict action like patent Infringement can help you execute your rights, make them stop, and charge a penalty for the damage. Patents will help you to set up joint ventures and partnerships. Anyway, some key points to include and manage IP to

Scientists from India wins patent for liver cancer and nano medicine.

Scientists from the school of Nanosciences & Molecular medicine at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham have won a patent in the US and Australia for nanomedicine which detects liver cirrhosis and liver tumor, It's surprising to say that the invention is the outcome of a research project sponsored by the Nanobiotechnology taskforce of  Dept. of Biotechnology. The team of researchers invented an exclusive nanomedicine that counters the radio wave signals sent from outside the body. When the nanoparticles are injected into a tumor, they can be heated up using external. Doctors can easily envision cancer using an MRI machine and dissolve it in a controlled manner. The Inventors have professed that they have exhibited that the technology can be used for detecting liver cirrhosis and liver tumor at the beginning stage. Dr.Koyakutty, Professor, Amrita Centre for Nanosciences and Molecular Medicine said that they have invented an eccentric nanomedicine that can be used for medical imaging with