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Hyundai looks up to Patent Iris Scanning Technology

  People love to have a keyless entry in modern-day cars it is one of the best attractive features. All of us are familiar with key fobs, a remote control fixed with an RFID chip that allows you to start the car without using the car key. Hyundai has planned to Patent Iris Scanning Technology, once approved it will be introduced to the cars. This Iris Scanner will allow you to enter the car with just a look. The Iris Scanning technology will capture the image of a driver’s eye with the help of an infrared camera. The report says that the car can be started only when the Iris scanner scans the driver’s eye. The Iris scanner is going to be the profitable technology used in the cars and it is also linked with other parts of the cars' steering wheel, seats, etc... Iris scanning is the safest one when it comes to Biometric Identification. The car owner will be getting the most security. It has been explained in the application to the United States Patent and Trademark Office a

Happy World Intellectual Property Day!!

 In 2000, member states of the World Intellectual Property Organization – WIPO designated April 26 – the day on which the WIPO Convention came into force in 1970 – as World IP Day with the aim of increasing general understanding of IP. Since then, it has offered a unique opportunity each year to join with others around the globe to consider how IP contributes to the flourishing of music and the arts and to drive the technological innovation that helps shape our world. This year the theme for World IP Day is “IP and Youth: Innovating for a Better Future” and will explore how young people can use intellectual property to bring their ideas to life and drive positive change To some, intellectual property is an abstract and ambiguous concept, but in fact, it's a crucial driver of the global economy. This World IP Day, let us come together to promote awareness about intellectual property rights and reaffirm our commitment to celebrating & protecting ideas. Happy World IP Day 2022!

Apple’s biggest move in gaming sector

Can you imagine what would happen if apple enters the gaming sector? Yes, Apple is going to enter the gaming sector. This announcement has made people think that Sony and Microsoft trying to capture a huge place in the gaming market before Apple enters the market. The latest Patent published by the US patent & Trademark Office is showing a series of joysticks that might connect to Apple devices through Magnetic attachments. Apple has filed multiple designs in Europe which differs from the US document. The three main European designs show us what the company is planning for the gamers. First Design shows the switch style attachment which might fix on both iPhones and IPad. The Second Design shows a controller fixed on the lower part of the tablet or phone. The Third design is a little different by a switch in the center which could allow them to connect to the Apple TV or I phone. As Apple is already manufacturing many accessories, this might take some time. Also filing a

Shakti Pumps: Maiden Patent for a unidirectional Solar Water Pump

 Shakti  Pumps (India) Limited, one of the leading manufacturers of energy-efficient pumps has been provided a patent for a Unidirectional Solar Water Pump with a Grid-tied Power generation system. This is an astonishing moment in the history of Shakthi Pumps. The new invention (Unidirectional Solar water Pump) guarantees maximum performance by utilizing the panels to give additional power to the grid. This technology saves water by limiting the pump's discharge as per the water need. Dinesh Patidar (Managing Director of Sakthi Pumps) is expecting the same success for the 28 Patents to which they have applied. File a Patent for your innovation easily and know whether your invention is a new or an existing one through services like Novelty Assessment , Prior Art Searches , Validity and Invalidity Searches .

Apple to bring back their 3d touch again!

The 3D touch feature was first introduced in the apple 6s first and this was an unexpected hit. Later the feature was disabled but now Apple is about to bring back its 3D feature on the Apple Watch, iPhone, and Macbooks.  The new Patent of Apple shows that the technology is based on microelectromechanical fluid which will produce a Pressure-sensitive surface.  The patent also reveals that the force sensors are designed for small devices like the Apple Watch and Apple Airpods.