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Xiaomi files patent for developing Block chain virtual characters using genetic Sequences.

  Xiaomi files patent for developing Block chain virtual characters using genetic Sequences. Xiaomi is one of the world’s biggest mobile and technology enterprise and they have filed patent for an application which uses Block-chain Technology to ease the creation of its original digital characters. Block chains disperse nature unchangeable properties have led lot of businesses to integrate into their new product designs. As per the announcement the patent can generate virtual characters with different images related to different sequence. Xiaomi is popular for its mobile technology and other electronic devices and they have made it public that the patent application which describes the use of Block chain technology to create its virtual characters. It is not a public announcement but expecting that Xiaomi may also use this technology to develop their own metaverse experience. No official remarks till now from Xiaomi, but some people proposed that Xiaomi will use these virtual character

Indian Army Seeks Patent for their new combat dress

 The Indian Army has applied for a patent which will prevent selling their combat dress outside. They have applied for patent in April at the office of Controller General of patents, Designs and Trade Marks. Other shops cannot sell their new combat uniform and it will be available through the central procurement and canteen stores department. The Patent, IPR (Intellectual Property rights will be out soon) and the Army plans to switch the new design by 2025 in checking the stock of current uniform. As a step of creating awareness about this, the military Police have joined their hands with Delhi Police and created awareness campaign at Delhi cantonment among the shopkeepers to stop selling the new combat dress. Protect all your innovations with a Patent and Design Search that will help you to ease your decision making in protection by legal means.

Future iPhones can be used underwater, says a Patent revealed by Apple

 Amazed to see the growth of technology and imagine how it would be texting or taking pictures underwater. Apple files a patent at USPTO which reveals that iPhones can be used underwater in the future. How does it work? This is an unimaginable vision but adjusting the iPhone to the conditions at hand made us think that anything can be done if you have the proper vision and team. Using an iPhone underwater might be possible with the right display, Control Buttons, and Sensors. Sensors would be accountable to make sure that the water drops do not enter the phone and cause any damage to the other parts. The report of the patent filed by Apple clearly says that the screen of the iPhone would also be pressure sensitive when used underwater. None of the Mobile Phones are waterproof, even iPhones are water-resistant but still, they can be damaged. The patent also reveals that iPhone will indicate to you with a notification if we are going deep inside the water to prevent damage. The filing re