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What kind of patent do you need?

  Patent filing varies according to the invention and technology; there are three types of patent and they are  • Utility Patent  • Design Patent  • Plant Patent Each type of patent has their own unique ability and criteria and also a certain area of invention can have more than one patent. Utility Patent: Utility patent is a patent that protects the invention of a new or improvised technology, product, machine or process. Utility patent is also referred as “Patents for invention” which forbids the third parties from making profit without their endorsement. The procedure for obtaining a utility patent may be taking a lot of time and expensive but it gives the inventors the exclusive rights to own and stop others from utilizing the technology. Design Patent: Design patent is another way of legal protection of a distinctive visual design of an invention, Design patent will be granted only if the product has a well-defined design or positioning, also design patent gives shield for

What to do if you are condemned for Patent Infringement?

 Patent Infringement is a serious issue and if you are condemned by it then you have to face the consequences. If you are infringing someone’s innovation or idea then you are responsible for the damages, loss, profit, and attorney fees, and also there are high chances to ban. What should you do? It is always wise to speak with a patent attorney if you are condemned for infringing someone’s patent. Since the attorneys are experts and guide you make a proper response to the party making the accusation. Let the Patent owner know that you have approached your attorney with respect to the claim made by them and also you have taken the claim seriously. Patent Infringement Analysis:                       Patent Infringement analysis is directed to decide whether the invention or idea infringes upon an existing patent claim. The possibility should be determined first to conduct a patent infringement analysis and secondly should check whether the entire claim is adjacent to the Invent

Procure marketable useful patents for AI in Europe:

 If the AI invention is not famous and cannot be determined then it’s obvious to think that the AI invention isn’t marketable and filing patents for this invention won’t be useful. It’s not surprising that the invention made may be improvised and results as the most beneficial patent. There are certain domains and sectors in which filing a patent will be easier and will be helpful in acquiring market standards such as public sectors in UK, Healthcare and safety systems. If you plan not to file patent for your invention then start understanding how EPO grants permission. The EPO generally considers applied inventions than core AI inventions. The invention can only be patented if the application is “sufficient”. It is a legal requirement that the patent application must be skilled enough to reinvent the invention, so the inventor should make sure that the application contains all the necessary details. A complete prototype should be given like example, architecture of the model,

Why patent search is very much important?

 Patent Search is a process which has to be done at different  stages for protecting your invention or idea and patent search is done several times to know whether the invention is already existed and whether it can be patented or not. Patent Search should be completed before filing for the protection and later exclusive search will be done by the USPTO. The inventor with patent rights for his invention can stop others from copying their invention or patented idea. Benefits of Patent Search: • Patent Search should be done before applying for patent filing to check whether the invention can be patented or not. • Patent Search must be done by highly experienced patent analyst since the patent protection is completely based on the end results of patent Search  • The main benefit of patent search is to know the uniqueness of the invention and also helps you to know the cost to be spent on your invention  • Patent Search will cost money but it’s worth spending it and it helps you sa

Top 5 reasons why a patent is important for any innovation?

Top 5 reasons why a patent is important for any innovation?   ·          Patent gives complete right Owning a Patent will give you the complete rights to protect it from others taking advantage of your Idea or innovation. It provides the Patent owner the right to prohibit others from using the invention which has the patent rights and also prevents our innovation from our competitors, only the respective person who owns the patent rights can decide whether the necessary person or company can use his invention.   ·          Patent supports your business to enrich A Patent can help your business to grow and gain more profit but it can be done only if you own a patent for the invention. When you own a patent for an invention which has high demand in the market you can make a lot of money and other person competitors can use it only with your permission. If the inventor cannot produce the resources needed for his invention then he has to buy the technology from the registered p

Indian developers hold a list of patents for 6G

Union Minister for Communication, Electronics, and Information Technology said that Indian developers have the technology required to develop 6G. The IIT Hyderabad Institute has displayed a 6G technology model and stated that they have succeeded it 2 to 3 times with more spectral efficiency and speed when compared to 5G. Vaishnaw has said that India has to take the lead in developing and classifying 6G. Many of the Developments for 6G have already happened and Indian developers hold the patent for it, also said that India’s goal is to be leaders in 6G and we are working to achieve it. 5G technology waited to come up with greater speed than 4G and three times greater spectrum efficiency. Professor Kiran Kuchi from IIT Hyderabad who is leading the 6G development project said that the Institute is already having some patents that will help in the innovation of 6G standards. The professor has said that it will take up to 10 years for a technology to grow up and also has started p