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EPO exceeds 4 million Patent Applications

 The European Publication Server has reached another milestone as the EPO published EP 4 000 000. L’Oreal is one of the top ten French applicants in the 2021 Patent Index, AI is equipped to identify the skin tone and help customers to find the cosmetic products which match their skin tone. The number of applications for EP 4 000 000 is increasing which includes 4IR technologies. AI is also one of the inventions of 4IR which has grown widely in all the domains like the Cosmetics sector. The EPO stopped the Paper Publication of European Patent documents in 2005 after the decision of the Administrative Council and started to publish online on their official platform i.e. European Publication Server. The European documents are published every Wednesday and later streamed via patent knowledge services as huge data or through online services like European Patent Register. Furthermore, the EPO also publishes worldwide patent data via their online services like Global Index, PASSAT, and Es

PNC to pay $218M to USAA for Patent Infringement

  The San Antonio- based insurance and financial services company claims that PNC has infringed on their mobile-check deposit technology patent and, PNC was ordered to pay $ 218M to United Services Automobile Association. This shows how severe can the penalty be for Patent Infringement .

3D Printed rocket engine to be patented by Agnikul Cosmos

 Agnikul Cosmos is a space-based tech startup that has been started at IIT Madras. They are about to file a patent for their complete Second stage engine Angnilet, claiming the first 3D-printed rocket engine. It clearly portrays that the Agnilet is made in a single shot, not with tones of parts normally used in conventional rocket engines. Hence they have made a better decision to File patents for their invention. Services like Novelty Assessment , Prior Art Searches , and Validity and Invalidity searches will be helpful in knowing whether the invention is new or already existing.