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Apple Bought LG’s Patents

  Two companies such as Apple and another unrevealed company have bought Patents from LG. The company had reported previously that they had received a payment for Patent Licensing but they never told the name of the company to whom they sold the license and it has been revealed that they have received KRW 890 billion from Apple and other companies. The License is valid for up to 10 years and this is a common practice for businesses to buy for 10 years instead of renewing it each year. Apple provides every tech product that we need which includes Mobile phones, Tablets, AIOs, computers, Laptops, and more. Apple makes colossal money through iPhone but they are far behind the trend which is popular these days like foldable smartphones. Apple’s competitor like OPPO, Samsung, Huawei, and LG has foldable smartphones but Apple doesn’t. When foldable Smartphones were released, they were expected to be an eye-catchy novelty that seems idealistic. Now it’s been 4 th year and after a huge

AI systems cannot patent inventions confirmed by US federal circuit court.

  Patents can be given only for inventions invented by human beings and AI cannot do it since they are not human confirmed by US federal circuit court. Computer Scientist Stephen Thaler was about to Copyright and patent the multiple software tools he created and he was not able to copyright an image for an AI system. US Patent office announced that the Thaler AI system DABUS cannot be a legal inventor because the invention was not done by a Natural human. The federal circuit court has confirmed the decision again. The Patent Act explains that only inventions made by human beings can hold a patent and inventors must be natural persons i.e human beings. Thaler appealed the court ruling with his attorney and the outcome was that AI-generated inventions can be patented in the United States. Filing a patent for innovation is a real struggle for all inventors. Every inventor's dream of holding a patent for their invention collapses the entire process when the final step is declin