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Huawei gets patent for removable electronic device

 Huawei has claimed a patent for a removable electronic device, till now the Chinese manufacturer is putting their Sweat to dispense the patch and new updates related to the device. At the same time, they are also investigating other new technologies. WIPO clearly says that Huawei can use the removable electronic device for the products like Laptops, added the technical aspects work with two dock structure mechanisms and these will support the first part of the system with the first docking structure and a second part with a second docking structure. According to the reports, the first docking contains components, with the first base having a base, gear, hook, and two racks and the Second base with a magnetic member and an elastic element scaled over the first base. Finally, the rack from the first part occupies one side of the gear and the hook reclines on one side of the second rack which is facing the second docking structure with no difference the magnetic element is placed o

Adidas files case against Nike for Patent Infringement

 Adidas has filed a case against Nike for Patent Infringement on nine patents like Smartphone apps, training devices, and Shoe technology. They have also claimed that various Nike app such as Nike Run Club, Nike Training Club, and Nike SNKR has Infringed Adidas feature which includes features like Heart rate monitors, GSP tracking, tracking athletic performance, and training plans. This has happened before also in which Under Armour has fined to pay the license fees to Adidas and especially for infringing the running features, also have replied to Asics for infringing their tech patents. The lawsuit shows that Adidas has launched an app that was released in February 2015 and that allows the user to buy shows from their electronic devices. Later Nike launched a similar app SNKRS which allows the customers to order shoes from their devices. The Lawsuit has stated that Adidas is the master of technology which is related to mobile fitness and mobile purchases, and also the first one to bri

Honda files patent for Vario 160 and ADV350 in India!

  One of the biggest two-wheeler manufacturers Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India is planning to expand their scooter production in market. Honda has filed two design Patents for maxi scooters like Vario 160 and ADV350 in India which is a surprise for all the bikers. Honda ADV350 is an off-road scooter which is featured with 330cc, single-cylinder engine, liquid-cooled and added with 29PS of peak power and 31.5 Nm of maximum torque. The Patent clearly explains that the scooter is designed with USD front forks, alloy wheels, a tall visor and knuckle guards among other things. ADV350 has disc brakes on both the wheels in other countries and ADV350 is priced as 5.56 lakh in the Indian Market. Japanese manufacturer patented maxi-scooter Vario160 in India and which is having higher expectations. The patent image of the scooter explains that it as a wide apron, a long seat and Honda Vario 160 is featured with 156.9cc, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder engine. Design patents are helpful in

Mac Book may support apple pencil in future.

  Apple filed a new patent that visualizes the latest way to react with the Mac Book. The new Patent shows there is a chance in the future that the Mac Book will support the Apple pencil, and the image clearly portrays that the edge or chassis will support the Apple pencil. The new patent shows that the Apple Pencil can also be used as a mouse when kept in the retainer inside the laptop. The retainer is having a lighting system in place of the F-key row. There is an input tool above the keyboard that should connect the Apple Pencil. The Report clearly tells that the patent was filed by Apple last year and they were making some modifications to bring the best version of the technology. Apple can also replace the Touch Bar, which is now used in Mac Book Pro. We all know that the Laptops which have touch screens don’t create an impact like mobile, so only there are only a few laptops with touch screen displays. Some people have found Laptops with touch screen displays are easy to us