Apple’s biggest move in gaming sector

Can you imagine what would happen if apple enters the gaming sector? Yes, Apple is going to enter the gaming sector. This announcement has made people think that Sony and Microsoft trying to capture a huge place in the gaming market before Apple enters the market. The latest Patent published by the US patent & Trademark Office is showing a series of joysticks that might connect to Apple devices through Magnetic attachments.

Apple has filed multiple designs in Europe which differs from the US document. The three main European designs show us what the company is planning for the gamers.

First Design shows the switch style attachment which might fix on both iPhones and IPad.

The Second Design shows a controller fixed on the lower part of the tablet or phone.

The Third design is a little different by a switch in the center which could allow them to connect to the Apple TV or I phone.

As Apple is already manufacturing many accessories, this might take some time. Also filing a patent never confirms that the product is in the developing phase.

Patent Search and Analytics would have helped them to enrich their idea and work on their new patent design.


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