6 Easy steps to file a patent:

 6 Easy steps to file a patent:

If you are an inventor having a new product or invention then filing a patent is necessary, it is a lengthy process and for the people who are claiming it for the first time, it looks complicated and confusing. There are 5 easy steps that could take you to the entire patent process.

Complete your invention:

Any invention can be protected if the purpose of the invention is clearly understood, what and how it is helpful for the people. If the invention is still an idea, we must know that it cannot be protected. The Invention strength plays a major role in filing a patent and this will make you complete the invention.

Decide whether the invention is patentable:

The two main things you must know are the invention must be novel and non-obvious to obtain a patent. Any abstract ideas, natural phenomena, and natural laws cannot be patented. Novelty Search helps you understand is there any invention exists similar to our opinion or invention. There are different types of patent searches like Novelty assessment, Prior Art Search, Quick Search, Invalidity Search, etc... These searches will help us to file a patent.

File preparation:

The most common type’s patent applications are design patents and utility patents. There are two types of utility Patents.

·         Provisional

·         Non-provisional

A provisional patent is valid for one year whereas Non- a provisional patent is valid for up to 20 years and to protect the design of an invention design patent application will be the best option.

Submitting the first application:

You will enter the patent process when you submit your patent application. While filing your patent you have to pay the patent filing fees and you cannot proceed if you fail to pay the fees and if you don’t have the proper documentation.

Examination Process:

After the completion, your patent application will be assigned for examination. The examiner will review and go for an in-depth patent search. If the examiner feels that the invention is not novel or claims, you can go through a process called patent prosecution. The further most crucial step is to maintain your patent after the approval. Maintenance fees are to pay from the patent issue date.





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